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About Atlanta Animal Hospital in Cumming, GA

We are a full-service animal hospital near Alpharetta with a mission to provide the highest quality veterinary care and client education to maximize the health and life of your pets through proper preventive care, nutrition, regular biannual checkups, and Dental cleanings.

lab.png In-House Laboratory includes CBC and chemistry (abaxis) machines, urine analysis, fecal exams, microscopic and skin diagnostics. This equipment enables us to provide results in under 30 minutes, so we can diagnose and provide treatment before the pet leaves our hospital.
X-Ray and Radiology services that can provide results in a few minutes to help diagnose numerous problems and help determine treatment options for your pets. sedacal.png
anesthesia.png Anesthesia: Atlanta Animal Hospital is proud to inform you that all surgical procedures are done under general anesthesia which includes blood screening, preanesthetics to control anxiety and pain, an intravenous catheter to administer fluids while under general anesthesia, ECG monitoring, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitoring as well as post-surgical pain medications.
Dental Machine: We are equipped with brand new state of the art dental equipment to perform dental cleanings and help with critical tooth extractions. Check out our special offer for dental cleanings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. engler_dental_machiney.png

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Vital Signs Monitor Machine Complete Blood Count Machine Blood Chemistry Machine CBC Machine