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Pet Dental Examination and Cleaning

Proper Dental Care from Our Local Veterinarian in Cumming, GA

The health of your pet’s teeth is every bit as important as the health of his entire body. In fact, teeth and gum problems can have a profound effect on a pet’s overall health. Here at Atlanta Animal Hospital, your first-choice veterinarian near Alpharetta, GA, we are passionate about providing the very best in dental care for all pets.

Dog getting his teeth brushed in Cumming, GA

Why Our Veterinarian near Jons Creek is Passionate About Pet Dental Care

Your pet’s mouth is the prime point of entry for everything that goes into her body. Besides food, that means bacteria, viral illnesses, and more. It also means that teeth that are not properly cared for become the breeding ground for infections that fester in the mouth, eventually leading to periodontal disease. Amazingly, 95 percent of pets develop this gum disease by age two. When gum disease is left untreated, the harmful bacteria can spread to other organs in the pet’s body, causing serious problems such as heart and kidney disease.

The Visual Pet Dental Examination

The sooner we begin with a regular pet dental care for pets plan, the bigger jump we get on preventing dental problems. How early? According to this Atlanta vet, we’d like to begin getting your pet used to the oral exam process as a puppy or kitten. In our protocol book, the oral exam is a vital part of every pet wellness exam, which should be once a year once the pet has turned 1 years of age. During these exams, we can determine how quickly we should schedule what should be an annual cleaning.

Pet Dental Examination and Cleaning

The most important part of pet dental care for pets is the exam and cleaning performed by our veterinarian in Cumming. To make the procedure comfortable for the pet, and easy for the vet to work with precision, we use anesthesia on all pets. Rest assured that we are skilled and experienced professionals in handling pets under anesthesia and monitor them every second with advanced equipment. Our goal during the cleaning is to remove any plaque and tartar on the teeth and under the gums. Teeth that are loose or broken will be removed. If we see anything suspicious, our vet may opt to take some x-rays while the pet is still under anesthesia.

Signs Pet Dental Care is Needed

If you haven’t been to our animal hospital at all or are between visits, there are some signs that your pet may be suffering from dental distress. Number one on the list is unpleasant or bad smelling breath which can mean there’s an abscess or severe cavity. If you notice blood around your pet’s mouth, lethargy, or lack of appetite, these are signs of possible dental problems.

Our veterinarian proudly serves the communities around Cumming, Alpharetta, Jons Creek, and more. Wit our help, we urge you to be diligent about your pet’s oral health. Call us today to make an appointment for your companion’s pet dental examination.