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Why Consider Pet Vaccinations for Your Pet In Cumming, GA?

The reasons you want to consider pet vaccinations depend on your concerns and your pet. Generally, a veterinarian in Cumming, GA recommends vaccinations for your pets as preventative care. By vaccinating your pet, you prevent the spread of certain ailments and sicknesses. Furthermore, the vaccines ensure that your pet does not face complications against their health and well-being.

Kitten getting his first vaccines.

Depending on your concerns, the vaccines you want to consider for your pets may vary. Our veterinarian near Jons Creek may suggest core vaccines as well as additional vaccines for a pet to prevent common risks and complications with your dog or cat's well-being.

Core Vaccines for Pets

Core vaccines for your pets refer to required vaccines based on common risks. Depending on your concerns, the vaccines we recommend may vary; however, core vaccinations address specific concerns and are often required for any pet in your home.

Most dogs and cats must obtain a rabies vaccine. Furthermore, you may obtain a distemper vaccine for most dogs and cats. If you have a dog, then we may suggest canine parvovirus and adenovirus vaccines. A cat may require feline herpes virus, calicivirus, and feline panleukopenia vaccines. Additional vaccinations depend on your lifestyle situation and an Atlanta vet may suggest additional options for your pet if he or she spends time outdoors or has additional risks.

Vaccines we suggest for any pet depend on your lifestyle and a pet's potential exposure to viruses or other risks. We may suggest vaccines for Lyme's Disease or other conditions if your pet has a possibility of exposure to the virus.

When to Talk to Our Local Veterinarian near Alpharetta, GA

Talking to an Alpharetta veterinarian about vaccines for your pet starts early in an animal's life. You want to discuss possible options when your pet is around 6 to 8 weeks old or younger. Generally, we provide vaccines as young as 8 weeks old; however, the exact timing depends on the current health of your pet and your concerns about possible risks. In most cases, a healthy dog or cat can start obtaining vaccinations as soon as he or she is weaned.

Although the vaccines can start early in life, we may suggest waiting if a puppy or kitten has certain health concerns. We provide an examination before suggesting treatment or preventative care for any pet.

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When you want to keep your pet healthy at every stage of life, you want to obtain vaccinations to address specific concerns. At the Atlanta Animal Hospital, we provide the services you need to keep your pet healthy and active at different stages of life. To learn more about vaccinations for your pets or to set up an appointment with our veterinarian in Cumming, call (678)-807-7824 today.