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Physical Exam/Office visit

Healthy Pet Exam: $35
Sick Pet Examination (Sunday/ Holiday Only): $80
Sick Pet Exam (M,T, W, Th, F & Sat ): $50
Follow up Exam: $25
After Hours Sick Pet Examination: $80 ( we charge regular prices for any services provided during after hours)
House call: $150

Dog Vaccinations

Distemper & Parvo (Da2ppv or Da2ppvl): $36
Leptospira Vaccine: $26.00
Corona: $19.99
Lyme: $39.99
Bordetella /Kennel cough: $25
Influenza Bivalent: $50
Rabies Vaccine:( 1 year vaccine) $25 + $5 for county license fee
Fecal Exam: $35
Routine Dewormer: $20
Heartworm testing: $49

Cat Vaccinations

Fvrcp: $35
Felv: $40
Rabies vaccine:( 1 year vaccine) $25 + $5 for county license fee 
Felv/Fiv (Combo testing): $65
Fecal exam: $35
Routine dewormer: $20

Parvo Treatment: $1000- $1500 (Depending on the weight of pet)

This includes 3 days hospital stay with IV fluids, IV antibiotics, anti nausea medications, fecal exam, complete blood work, take home antibiotics, dewormer



$40 per night
Non Suites: $35 per night
Cat Condo: $22 per night

PS: Bring your own food as we don't want to feed a different food which may cause GI upset.

Surgery prices

Canine Neuter (Routine):Prices dependent on the weight of the pet
Dental cleaning: $380 (Price may change if pet needs extractions)
Canine Spay (Routine):Prices dependent on the weight of the pet
Cat neuter (Routine): Prices dependent on the weight of the pet
Cat Spay (Routine): Prices dependent on the weight of the pet

*At AAH all surgeries will be done under General Anesthesia which includes, premedications like acepromazine/diazepam and torbugesic (pain medication) IV catheter, Propoflo induction, tracheal intubation, general anesthesia and post anesthetic antibiotic.

PS: All the surgery prices doesn't include take home antibiotics, pain medications and E Collars.